Information on the New Jersey Plastic and Paper Bag Ban effective May 4

April 6, 2022

Starting May 4, 2022, New Jersey retail stores, grocery stores and food service businesses may not provide or sell single-use plastic carryout bags, as well as paper bags, and polystyrene foam food service products. Single-use paper carryout bags are allowed to be provided or sold, except by grocery stores equal to or larger than 2500 square feet, which may only provide or sell reusable carryout bags.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Bag Up New Jersey websites have comprehensive information on the NJ Plastic Bag Ban Law. Please click on the links below.

Please click on the link below detailing the new norms with the law, what will not be permitted and exceptions.

Also below is a video from Department of Public Works Director Eric Chaszar regarding the plastic bag ban.

Plastic Bag Ban New Norms, What is Not Permitted and Exceptions