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Emergency Management

Keep Warm During a Winter Power Outage

Prepare to stay warm if the power goes out in your winter wonderland.

The freezing rain, ice, and snow of winter storms topple trees and knock down power lines.

Be ready with these power outage preparedness tips from The Ready Campaign:

• Build or restock your emergency preparedness kit. Include a flashlight, batteries, water, food, prescription medication, cash, first aid supplies, and extra clothing, blankets or sleeping bags to stay warm.
• Have alternative charging methods for your phone or any device that requires power. For more information, visit Get Tech Ready.
• If you rely on anything that is battery-operated or power dependent like a medical device, determine a backup plan. For more planning tips, visit Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities and Others with Access and Functional Needs.
• Locate the manual release lever of your electric garage door opener and know how to operate it.
• Keep your car’s gas tank full. Gas stations rely on electricity to power their pumps.
• If you use your car to re-charge devices, do NOT keep the car running in a garage, partially enclosed space, or close to your home. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
• Close off unused rooms to consolidate and retain heat.
• The power may be out for a prolonged period. Plan to go to another location (the home of a relative or friend, or a public facility) that has heat.
• Only use generators outside, away from your home and NEVER run a generator inside a home or garage or connect it to your home’s electrical system. For more information, visit the Generator Safety page of the Department of Energy.

Mark Cafferty
Emergency Management Coordinator
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