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2018 NBTPD Statistics

With 2018 in the books, we have been able to close out the past years statistics. Here's a look into what our Department handled for the year.

2018 by the numbers:

-The North Brunswick Police Department handled 80,613 incidents, of which 26,316 were calls for service.
-There were 1,989 motor vehicle crashes reported & investigated.
-There were 1,251 arrests made during the year.
-We conducted 19,099 motor vehicle stops, which resulted in 21,925 summonses being issued.
-Non-Residential burglaries reduced by 27%
-Burglaries to auto down by 3%
-Shoplifting reduced by 6.5%
-Motor Vehicle Thefts reduced by 32%
-Our overall crime index as tracked by the State was only increased by less than 1%

Here's to 2019! Everyone be safe and smart!

Kenneth McCormick
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