Aquatic Programs

The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Aquatic Program is up and running! The program offers a variety of Aquatic Programs for all ages year round. We use the North Brunswick Township High School pool for all aquatic programs.

Please call (732) 247-0922, ext. 475 for any questions or further information on program scheduling.

North Brunswick DPRCS is hiring lifeguards/swim instructors and pool aides for seasonal and year-round employment opportunities. All interested parties should fill out an application, which can be found at Lifeguards must be certified, no certification is required for pool aides.

DPRCS Swim Lesson Level Description

Sing Along

  • Sing along is a class that is designed to get your child comfortable in the water with the parent in the water. In this class we go over blowing bubbles, floating and encouraging arm and leg movements. This is a class that is geared for children ages 6 Months to 3 Years old.

Parent and Child

  • Our parent and child class is a class that has a parent present in the water. This class is designed to get your child to be more independent in the water so that when they are of age they can move up to the group lessons where the parents are not in the water. In this class we go over doing bobs, blowing bubbles, floating, glides, kicking and arm movements. This class is geared for children ages three to five years old. Once your child has reached the age of five they will be evaluated to see if they are able to move on to the independent group lessons.


  • The Guppies class builds off what the children have touched on in the parent and child lessons. In the guppies class we stress independence, we like to see the children relying on instructors less and being comfortable enough in the water to kick by themselves and push off of the wall to the instructors. As the class progresses we go over kicks and arm movements with the children.


  • In this class we want the children to be very independent, as the class progresses the children should be able to swim across the pool (10Meters) by themselves without having to grab for the instructor. By the end of this class your child should be able to swim freestyle (front crawl) by themselves efficiently.  


  • Our Stingrays class is a class that entails a lot, in this class we go over many different strokes. The many strokes that we go over are Freestyle, Backstroke, Elementary backstroke, Side stroke and we touch on Breaststroke. In order for your child to progress to the next level your child has to be proficient in Freestyle Backstroke and elementary backstroke, your child also needs to understand the basics of sidestroke and breaststroke.


  • The Marlins class builds off the strokes that were learned in the Stingrays class. In this class we go over Freestyle (Front Crawl), Backstroke, Elementary Backstroke, Sidestroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Marlins must be able to swim full lengths of the pool proficiently.  With the amount that we go over it is extremely important for your child to understand all of these strokes before they progress to the next level.


  • The Dolphins class is the highest level class that we offer. This is a class that is very intense we cover all of the strokes and your child needs to be comfortable swimming full lengths of the pool (25 Yards) multiple times. In addition to stroke development, the Dolphins class also goes over treading, diving and survival floats.

Open & Adult Lap Swim Information

Open & Adult Lap Swim is held at the NBTHS pool and is available to North Brunswick residents only.  Open & Adult Lap Swim is available at a cost of $5 per person per visit (please use exact change).  Alternatively, a $110 annual membership (Family Swim Pass) can be purchased at the DPRCS office.  All DPRCS aquatic activities take place at the indoor pool at NBTHS.  The pool has shower and locker facilities. No lockers are permitted to be used. Please refrain from bringing valuables to the pool and take all belongings with you at the end of the activity.  

The pool is available for both open and instructional swim as detailed on these pages.  Payment or Family Swim Passes must be presented upon sign-in.  

In addition, each participant MUST provide a valid photo ID upon sign-in.  Acceptable forms of ID include a valid driver’s license or a DPRCS ID card.  DPRCS ID cards can be purchased at the DPRCS office for a $10 fee.  Please provide a wallet sized photo for the ID.  ID cards are valid for 1 year from purchase date.  

Check pool announcement board and monthly calendar for swim meet notices and additional closures.