Special Law Enforcement Officer – Class 3

The Township is accepting applications for the following position:

Special Law Enforcement Officer – Class 3
Department of Public Safety
Hourly Salary Range: $25.00 – $30.00
Work Week: As Assigned

Under direction of the Deputy Chief of Police, will comply with the rules and regulations applicable to the conduct and decorum of the permanent, regularly appointed police officers of the local unit, as well as any rules and regulations applicable to the conduct and decorum of Special Law Enforcement Officers.


Candidate shall meet at a minimum the following: must be a resident of the State of New Jersey during his or her term of appointment, must be able to read, write and speak the English language with reasonable proficiency, must have a High School diploma or its equivalent, must be sound in body and of good health, which must be certified by a physician licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey, must be of good moral character, must not have been convicted of any offense involving dishonesty as would make the candidate unfit to perform his or her duties.

In addition, the candidate shall possess a valid Police Training Commission Certification, having served as a duly qualified, full-trained, full-time officer in any municipality or county of the State or as a member of the State Police, and have been separated from prior service in good standing within five years of this job posting. A valid N.J. Drivers License will be required.

Interested parties are invited to fill out an employment application and submit it to the Business Administrator’s office, second floor, Municipal Complex, 710 Hermann Road, North Brunswick, NJ 08902. An online application may be filled out by clicking the link below. Please download a copy of your Driver’s License.