Update Regarding the 2023 Notice of Assessment Post Cards

February 13, 2023

The annual Notice of Assessment Post Cards are printed and sent out no later than February 1st. The purpose of the card is to provide a property owner with their assessed value for the current year. Any changes from the prior assessment for Land and Building (Improvements) are reflected on the notice. In addition, the tax amount billed for the prior year is also printed on the card for informational purposes. 

North Brunswick is one of a few municipalities that still operates on a July – June fiscal year. During the software transition to a new vendor, the fiscal status wasn’t applied and tax information displayed on the 1/20/2023 card included incorrect tax quarters.

The vendor corrected the miscalculation for the tax amount initially printed. They have reprinted and mailed out a new Notice of Assessment Post Cards dated 2/9/2023.

If you are looking for tax billing information and what was paid to use for your income taxes, please reach out to the Tax Collector’s office at (732) 247-0922, ext. 460 or TWPNBtaxcollector@northbrunswicknj.gov for a print out.

Any questions regarding the assessed value amount, please reach out to the Tax Assessor’s Office at (732) 247-0922, ext. 465 or TWPNBtaxassessor@northbrunswicknj.gov.