Senior Citizens Club Corner

Meetings are held at the North Brunswick Senior Center, 15 Linwood Place, 732-418-2222.

AARP Chapter #3885

This chapter started in 1986 and only those who are members of the national AARP are eligible to join the chapter. Dues are $7/year per person.

AARP NEWS: Due to the current COVID situation, the AARP will not be meeting until further notice. For further information about the chapter, contact President Patricia Wright at (908) 239-6089.

Under normal circumstances a schedule of meetings and activities is as follows: 

Information will be posted when regular programming will commence:
Membership meetings– 1st Monday of every month, 12:30 p.m. (except July and August)
Socials (bingo)- 3rd Monday of every month, 12:30 p.m.



The North Brunswick Pioneers Senior Club are postponing their meetings indefinitely due to COVID concerns.

As soon as we can safely attend meetings we will notify our members.

These meetings are separate from the Senior Center Programs.

Donna Carolan, President

Our motto is “teamwork and friendship,” make new friends, but keep the old. Everyone in their Golden Years (55 and older) are welcome. Celebrate in style at all our holiday luncheons. Bring your ideas to our meetings on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. Now for the best news, our annual membership is only $5.00 a year. We finish the year with our Christmas luncheon, held at one of our local restaurants. Contact Donna Carolan, President, for more information at 732-297-4654.