Temporary Handicapped Placards

The Township Police Department can process a temporary handicapped placard. Temporary placards last 6 mos and can be renewed once. Longer term or permanent placards must be done at the DMV.

Initial Application & Renewal

  1. Download form from DMV
    Placard Form

  2. Complete Form
    Fill out and take to doctor for sign-off.

  3. Have North Brunswick Police Department Process Form
    Bring check or money order (no cash) made out to NJMVC for $4. Bring form, check and DL to the Township Police Department during business hours to receive immediate, temporary placard good for 6-months.

  4. Renewal & Long-Term Placards
    This placard can be renewed once via the same process described above. If a placard is needed for more than a one year (two six-month) periods, then a permanent placard should be obtained through the department of motor vehicles. https://www.state.nj.us/mvc/vehicles/disability.htm

Replacing Lost Temporary Placards

Don’t hang your placard where it can fly out the window, obstruct your vision while driving or otherwise be lost. It only needs to be hung on the rear view mirror when parked and otherwise should be stowed in your glove box for safe keeping.

If your placard is lost or damaged beyond recognition you would need to re-eat the application process applied above. Please note that this will not extend your six month period.