Report Animal Bites

State law requires that all animal bites be reported to the local department of health, which serves as the lead agency for rabies control activities. Situations are handled on a case-by-case basis, but to ensure the safety of your pet and others, a pet owner should do everything in their power to raise a kind, gentle animal.

What To Do If You Are Bitten

  1. Cleanse The Wound
    Immediately cleanse the wound thoroughly with soap and water.

  2. Get Medical Attention
    Get prompt medical attention from a physician or hospital emergency room.

  3. Get Information About The Animal
    Obviously this is much easier if it’s a domestic animal like a dog or a cat. Obtain as much information about the animal as possible, including owner name, address, telephone number, a description of the animal and the animal’s vaccination status. If possible, take a picture of the animal with your cell phone. If you were bitten by a wild animal you may only be able to get a picture of the animal and its location.

  4. Report The Bite
    Report all animal bites to the local health department having jurisdiction where the bite occurred.