North Brunswick’s own Claribel Cortes sworn in as new Middlesex County Surrogate, becoming first Latina to serve as County Surrogate and first Latina constitutional officer in Middlesex County history

North Brunswick remembers the lives of Township residents lost to the COVID-19 pandemic

Mayor Francis ‘Mac’ Womack, Township Council President Carlo Socio, Schools Superintendent Dr. Brian Zychowski and Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Cafferty gathered at Community Park on Tuesday, March 2 to reflect on the lives of the 78 North Brunswick residents lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 78 flags were placed at the Community Park […]

Middlesex County officials provide a COVID-19 vaccine update

“The COVID-19 vaccine has given residents around the nation and our County the hope that they have been longing for throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Middlesex County has been committed to ensuring everyone that wants a vaccine receives a vaccine; however, unfortunately, the County is not immune to the vaccine supply challenges, including those caused by […]

Middlesex County vaccination clinic at East Brunswick Community Arts Center

Middlesex County will be continuing their vaccination clinic at the East Brunswick Community Arts Center, 721 Cranbury Road, this week. The vaccination clinic is open only to Middlesex County residents and vaccinations require an appointment. Please make sure to register in NJVSS, and if eligible, schedule an appointment for an open slot. If you schedule […]

Statement from Mayor Womack and the Township Council

The people, the Council, and the Mayor of North Brunswick support our elected officials in Washington and pray for their safety, and the safety of all law enforcement at the Capitol. Although we are aware of no local danger, we are taking all appropriate steps to ensure the uninterrupted safety and security of our residents.

Mayor Womack and Township Council rebuke move by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), other US Senate members to block passage of “Daniel’s Law”

North Brunswick Mayor Francis “Mac” Womack and the Township Council adopted a resolution rebuking Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who used his office in the United States Senate to block a bill sponsored by New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez which affords members of the federal judiciary additional physical security protections. The legislation referred to as “Daniel’s […]