Important Alert regarding postcard marked “Water Update”

June 16, 2021

The Township of North Brunswick is aware of a postcard being sent to homeowners titled, “Water Update.” It says they have been unable to reach the resident and immediate response is requested with contact information listed. See images of the postcard below.

This postcard was NOT sent by the Township of North Brunswick. The Township does not solicit “Water Updates.” North Brunswick, through its partnership with American Water Contract Services, does send a Consumer Confidence Report (also posted on the Township website) annually to residents, providing an update on the Township’s water quality. The Township’s phone number for any water/sewer billing inquires & complaints is (732) 247-0922, ext. 458.

The company on the postcard, Atlantic Water Products (AWP), solicits water treatment products for residential use and asks for name and phone number to set up an appointment to conduct water testing.

At the very least, the postcard’s message is misleading and we urge residents to NOT respond to it. Also, we urge all residents to never provide their personal information to strangers.