North Brunswick Township Police Department Press Release

Saturday, January 28, 2023

As we wake up this morning, many of us are still in disbelief having seen the video released last night that captured the brutal events that took place on January 7th in Memphis, Tennessee where the reckless acts of five police officers cost a young 29-year-old man his life. 

We at the North Brunswick Township Police Department are appalled and embarrassed by this event. When incidents such as this take place anywhere in the country it affects every man and woman that wears the badge. These tragedies not only take an emotional toll on the officers who know right from wrong, but they erode the trust the community has in them.

New Jersey has the strictest use-of-force policies and de-escalation training in the country.  The North Brunswick Township Police Department embraces this standard. Our officers train on use-of-force and de-escalation tactics throughout the year and are devoted to protecting and serving our community in a professional, compassionate, and humane manner in every interaction.

We promise you that the North Brunswick Township Police Department will continue to work hard on ways to secure the trust of the community we serve, build bridges for more inclusive relationships, and assure residents and visitors that the events in Memphis, Tennessee, or Minneapolis, Minnesota, or elsewhere will never happen here.

Chief Joseph Battaglia

37-Year Officer of the NBTPD