Update on Water / Sewer Billing

December 9, 2020

12/8/2020 Bill Cycle:

Beginning in July 2020, the Township began to migrate billing from Quarterly to Monthly with the expectation to be fully monthly by January 2021. When billed quarterly, a customer’s bill date was based on one of the four “cycles” they were in.

The last bill issued 10/19/2020 (Period 8) was for consumption through 10/15/2020 for customers with a new meter. Of the 12,000 municipal meters, there are approximately 1,000 still to be replaced. For old meters, billing will be based on the cutoff date from the last time the meter was read.

The current bill issued 12/8/2020 (Period 11) will be for consumption from 10/15/2020 through 12/01/2020 for customers with a new meter. Because the consumption will be for over a month’s time, all of the bill’s consumption will be calculated using the quarterly tiered consumption amounts to ensure the lowest possible rate and eligible tier. There is a skip in bill period numbers from 8 to 11 to account for going to monthly billing.

For customers with meters that have been changed out since 10/15/2020, consumption will be reflected on this bill for both the old radio read in cubic feet and the new meter in gallons.

The next bill scheduled to be issued in early January 2021 (Period 12) will be for consumption from 12/01/2020 through 1/05/2021 for customers with a new meter.

If you have received a bill with an Estimated Read “E” consumption is currently not being recorded on the meter. This may be due to the transmitter not sending a signal or if you have not received a new meter.  Please contact InLine directly to request an appointment for a new meter or to have your transmitter reviewed at 1-800-557-3088 or email them at http://ilsmeter.com/ or Sharon Nerger snerger@ilsmeter.com


On October 15, 2020, Governor Murphy issued Executive Order No. 190 which remains in effect until March 15, 2021. Included as part of the Executive Order, a public water utility like North Brunswick’s shall not charge penalties or interest for untimely payments from residential accounts or accounts primarily serving residential customers (apartments).

While the Executive Order does not address Sewer charges, the Mayor and Council have extended the waiver of interest for all account from accruing on sewer and facility fees.

Processing Fee Notice:

Online Payment e-check convenience fee has increased from $1.05 to $1.95.


More information can be found on the Township’s new website under: https://northbrunswicknj.gov/departments/administration/water-services

Colder Weather:

If you plan to be away from home for several days, shutting off the water to the main line can reduce the chances of broken pipes. Make sure the valve is completely off, or else some water can still get into the pipes. After the line is shut off water to the house, drain the pipes by turning on faucets and flushing toilets once to drain the tank. In addition, this will protect against the unauthorized use of water from an exterior hose bib.


Why does “0.00” show as due online?

Because the bill is not currently due yet, the system will show that there is “0.00” due because there isn’t anything technically due at this time because the current billing is PAID in full.

The resident can still pay this amount though, by clicking “Make a Payment” and Selecting “Pay Other Amount” and putting in the total.