Middlesex County officials provide a COVID-19 vaccine update

February 22, 2021

“The COVID-19 vaccine has given residents around the nation and our County the hope that they have been longing for throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Middlesex County has been committed to ensuring everyone that wants a vaccine receives a vaccine; however, unfortunately, the County is not immune to the vaccine supply challenges, including those caused by recent severe weather around the country, facing counties throughout the United States. Specifically, as a result of the severe weather around the Country, and particularly in the mid-west last week, the State of New Jersey’s vaccine shipments from the federal government have been delayed. As of this morning, we have received the delayed shipments and are actively working on rescheduling appointments.

Though these challenges have forced us to cancel appointments over the past week, those appointments will be rescheduled for this week. If a resident had an appointment canceled, they will receive an email from NJVSS with a date for your new appointment. For those concerned about the timing of their second dose, while it is recommended that a second dose of the vaccine be received within 28 days of the first dose, we want to reassure residents that second doses are effective up to six weeks following a first dose. We recognize the desire for those vaccine-eligible residents to receive their first and second doses, but we ask for residents’ understanding as we deal with factors outside our control.”