Community Development

The Department of Community Development allows residents to find information and secure all necessary permits through a combination of the municipal website, e-mail, and phone.  All permit application documents and instructions can be found on our department pages.

Permit applications may be delivered by regular mail, overnight mail, e-mail when payments are not required, and most popularly the drop box in the employee parking lot of the municipal building.  Mail is collected from the drop box twice a day.

The department is temporarily operating out of a satellite office at 486 Old Georges Road that is open to the public by appointment.

Questions may be submitted through the email link on the department home page, or by calling the construction office at x450, the zoning office at x440, or the fire marshal office at x453.  We experience a high call volume and will certainly return your call if you leave a message.

The Department of Community Development is the township’s lead agency in developing and maintaining an active and sustainable community through careful planning, zoning, housing policy, and compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Our goal is to achieve positive social, economic and environmental outcomes, with our five divisions working cooperatively to assure North Brunswick remains a healthy and vibrant community.


The Construction Official and the Building Regulations staff are responsible for the enforcement of building codes, and similar codes or ordinances related to commercial development in the township, as well as the issuance of certificates of occupancy.

In order to enforce these codes this division issue permits and conducts inspections related to building construction.  Please note that the overall processes involved in a construction project will likely also involve additional permits and inspections provided by other divisions in the department.

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The Division of Engineering receives, investigates and resolves all complaints relative to drainage issues, deteriorated roadways, curbs and township utility systems associated with residential subdivisions and non-residential developments.

The division reviews and processes applications for site improvements, plot plans, grading, driveway and road opening permits and coordinates day to day functions with the Township’s Consulting Engineer.

The Engineering Manager also administers and manages the annual road improvements program, the township’s Geographical Information System (GIS), and maintains and provides prints of official township tax maps.

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The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for a multitude of inspections and services to the public, including the inspection of every business, warehouse, institution, and school facility on an annual basis to ensure they are not in violation of the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey.

Fire Marshals also inspect new businesses during the Occupancy for Use application process in conjunction with the Zoning Officer. Homeowners who are selling their homes are required to contact this office in order for inspectors to perform the required Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide, and Fire Extinguisher Inspection which is required by the State.

Additionally, in the month of October, Fire Marshals are tasked with promoting fire safety by making visits to the public elementary schools as well as the majority of the preschool and daycare facilities in the township. The Fire Marshal’s Office is also responsible for handling all complaints that appear to violate the Uniform Fire Code for the State of New Jersey. This division also performs Origin and Cause investigations for all fires within the township. All members of the division are a part of the township’s Arson Task Force.

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The Division of Planning and Affordable Housing is involved in the development of municipal land use policies and regulations, in the processing of development regulations through the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, in the development and coordination of County and State roadway improvements, and in the provision of affordable housing in the Township.

Property owners and developers of land in the Township can meet with staff to discuss the development potential of property prior to moving forward.  Property owners living in proximity to a proposed development can meet with staff to review proposed development plans and raise questions.  The Planning Division works with the Planning Board to prepare the Township Master Plan which provides guidance for land use and housing policy, capital improvements and roadway improvements in the Township. This Master Plan is reexamined at least every ten years.

Staff reviews all proposed amendments to the Master Plans and Zoning Ordinances of adjacent communities, as well as all major applications for development in adjacent municipalities.  The Township Planner serves as the Township’s Municipal Liaison, providing oversight to all affordable housing being constructed in the Township and any other affordable housing activities.

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The Zoning Official is responsible for the review of all development applications including, but not limited to major and minor subdivisions, site plans, use and bulk variances. The Zoning Officer also supports the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and similar codes or ordinances related to development in the township, as well as the issuance of Occupancy Permits for residential and new tenant/owner occupancies in existing non-residential buildings and structures.

As a condition to the issuance of an Occupancy Permit, a project must comply with all applicable codes and ordinances including, but not limited to, building codes, subdivision and setback requirements, and regulations pertaining to an entry sign board, fire department codes and regulations, applicable zoning laws, landscaping and parking requirements, obtaining appropriate curb cut permits and provisions for applicable sanitary sewer, water, storm drainage and other utilities. The issuance of a Occupancy Permit for a project is evidence that the conditions set forth have been satisfied.

Code Enforcement Inspectors enforce the township’s property maintenance standards for all township properties, inspect and certify housing code compliance for all residential rental properties when there is a change in tenancy, and investigate overcrowding conditions in residential homes. The staff also conducts a comprehensive multi-family housing inspection program on a five-year cyclical basis.

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The Department of Community Development has established a drop box in the parking lot of the municipal building for the delivery of permit applications and check payments for the construction, zoning, and fire marshal offices. Documents associated with Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment applications may also use the drop box.

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