Zoning Occupancy For Use Permit

Per Section 205-138(B)(1) of the Township of North Brunswick Land Use Ordinance,
“whenever there occurs a change in the use or occupancy of an existing nonresidential building or structure, a new zoning change of use permit shall be applied for and required to insure compliance with all applicable codes and ordinances. In addition, a new fire certificate of compliance permit shall be applied for and issued by the Fire Marshal’s office.”


Be sure to attach a property survey or informally sketch the shape and size of the building, your location, buildings located on all sides, the distance to all associated property lines, and the parking area with the number and size of spaces.

Application Fees

  • Up to 2,500 SF: $50.00
  • 2,501 SF – 20,000 SF: $100.00
  • 20,001 SF – 50,000 SF: $250.00
  • Over 50,000 SF: $500.00