Tax Assessor

A division of the Finance Department, the Tax Assessor establishes values for all real property within the Township. It is this valuation that is the basis for the Township’s property tax levy. Assessments are based on the market value of each property.

Taxpayers can appeal their property’s assessment with the Middlesex County Tax Board, on or before April 1, of each year. Outside contractors that support the Tax Assessor include an appraisal firm, a tax attorney, and a computer software company.

Responsibilities of the Tax Assessor, in addition to establishing property values, include maintaining municipal tax records, including: property ownership and addresses, values, building and lot dimensions, and tax maps.  The Tax Assessor determines eligibility for all qualified farmland, tax exemptions, and deductions. Tax deductions available include: Senior Citizen, Disability, and the Surviving Spouse of a recipient of a deduction, Veteran, and Surviving Spouse of a Veteran. Please contact the Assessment Office to obtain applications for any of these programs.


Real property is assessed in order to determine the basis on which property taxes are levied on each parcel of real property. All real property is taxable except property specifically exempted by law. Real property is assessed by the municipal Tax Assessor.

Estimated market value is the Assessor’s determination of the value of your property for tax purposes only. Any change made to the property that would change its market value may change assessed value.

This is an official notice of your property’s assessment value for the current year which is mailed by the Township Assessor prior to February 1st. You do not have to do anything unless you disagree with the Township’s determination of your assessment.

If you would like to file an appeal after that you can obtain forms and instruction from the Middlesex County Tax Board Please visit:

Board of Taxation | Middlesex County NJ

or learn more on our service page: Appeal An Assessment.