Important Safety Information for Hyundai and Kia Owners

Recent trends have shown just how easy it is to steal Hyundais and Kias, but NJ is doing something about it. Hyundai and Kia are offering a new solution to help drive down theft and keep their vehicles safe.

• Poor choices on anti-theft controls by Hyundai/Kia have made many of their vehicles easy to steal – a failure that has led to a surge of auto thefts and public safety issues. Protect your vehicle and help us curb auto theft in NJ.

• A recent trend shows just how easy it is to steal Hyundais and Kias. But no matter what you’ve heard, there ARE steps you can take to safeguard your vehicle from theft and the violent crime it can fuel. It starts by checking if your car is eligible for the anti-theft upgrade.

• It’s not trendy. It’s a crime! Due to exposed safety vulnerabilities, Hyundais and Kias have been the targets of 19% of auto thefts in NJ this year. Don’t be a statistic. See if your vehicle is eligible for the free software update. Combating auto theft is a team effort!

• Auto thefts in NJ have decreased compared to 2022. However, the security vulnerabilities of Hyundais and Kias make this job more difficult. See if your vehicle is eligible for the free anti-theft technology upgrade and help us pump the brakes on auto theft.

• A free software update is now available to make these cars less vulnerable. See if yours is eligible and help us drive down auto theft in NJ.

• Myth vs. Reality: “I’ll only be away from my car for a minute – it’s ok to leave it running.” It doesn’t take long to steal a car and it’s that much faster when it’s already on. You’re instrumental in our efforts to combat auto theft. Keep your vehicle safe with these tips.

• Myth vs. Reality: “I live in a safe neighborhood – I don’t need to lock my doors.” Crime has no home. An unlocked vehicle, regardless of where it’s found, is an open invitation. Auto theft can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. Keep your vehicle safe with these tips.

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