Bulk Pick-Up

Bulk appointments are limited to five (5) appointments per year for each address.

Bulk pick-up service covers items that are too big to place in your automated carts for curbside collection. Bulk pick-up is scheduled the day after your automated cart pickup day, by appointment. Each residence is limited to 2 cubic yards of trash per pick-up and 5 bulk pickups per calendar year.

For most residents with once a week, automated collection, bulk materials are picked up by appointment the day after your normal trash day. Residents with twice a week, manual trash collection, please call DPW for more information at (732) 297-1134.

Bulk Waste Collection Changes: Volume limit per appointment.

Residential bulk collection volume is limited to three large furniture items or 2 cubic yards per appointment. 2 cubic yards is roughly the equivalent of the contents of four 95 gallon trash containers or the size of 3 feet x 3 feet x 6 feet.

Bulk materials that are not “white goods” (appliances) or predominantly metal can be picked up curbside by appointment. Such items include:

  • Carpeting
  • Furniture
  • Doors & Windows
  • Lumber
  • Sheet Flooring

Preparation of Bulk Materials:

Per Township Ordinance:
No container or materials designated for curbside pick up should be at the street more than one day prior to scheduled pickup.

Bulk Materials are picked up by appointment. Please call DPW 732-297-1134.

Bulk materials or debris generated as a result of work requiring a Township permit may not be picked up curbside and must be disposed of privately.
Concrete, asphalt and brick are not collected by the Township DPW. Please contact a private vendor for disposal

Mattresses and box springs that are placed curbside for bulk collection shall be wrapped in plastic or placed in disposable plastic bags. Plastic wrapping or plastic bags must be sufficient to cover all exposed areas of the mattress and box spring.

ALL mattresses and box springs must be prepared in this fashion or they WILL NOT be collected.

Carpeting, sheet flooring and similar materials must be in lengths not to exceed 4 feet and securely tied in bundles not more than 2 feet thick and/or 40 pounds in weight.

Furniture small enough to be dismantled and put in your automated cart may be disposed of with household garbage. Larger furniture, such as couches, mattresses, etc. may be placed curbside. Metal bed frames should be disassembled and will be picked up by appointment with the metal pick up each Wednesday.

Wooden Fencing
Wooden fencing should be cut into lengths not to exceed 4 feet by 2 feet. There is a limit of 3 panels per pickup.

Construction Materials
Lumber, shingles, wallboard or other building materials that does not require a Township permit should be stacked and securely tied in bundles not to exceed 4 feet in length by 2 feet thick and/or 40 pounds per bundle. Protruding nails or other sharp objects must be removed from all materials prior to collection. Glass should be removed from window casings and packaged for disposal, free of sharp edges.

Sheeted Glass
Sheeted glass must be broken up and placed in a sealed box clearly marked “glass”. This is picked up as a bulk item. Call DPW for an appointment.

Rolloff Container/Dumpster Rental
The fee for municipal property maintenance dumpsters has increased to $400 per rental. This fee increase is strictly to cover the actual cost to the Township of such a container rental. If the tipping fee of the dumpster exceeds the $400 rental fee, the renter of the dumpster is responsible to pay the overage.

Residents may rent a 30 cubic yard Property Maintenance Dumpster for seven days. Use is limited to disposal of personal property household items generated by a major cleanup or in preparation for transfer of ownership. Container is intended to eliminate need for curbside pick up of large piles of refuse.

These dumpsters are not to be used to dispose of concrete, asphalt, brick, masonry, stone, soil, garden timbers, and construction materials or from debris produced by work which requires a permit. Call DPW at (732) 297-1134 for further details or to schedule the rental of a dumpster.

Per Township Ordinance:
No container or materials designated for curbside pick up should be at the street more than one day prior to scheduled pickup.