Health Inspections and Reinspection Fees

The Inspection Division of the Middlesex County Office of Health Services performs various types of inspections throughout the year. It is the goal of the Inspection division that every food establishment, public swimming pool, and body art facility be inspected at least twice a year. All inspections are conducted by Registered Environmental Health Specialists who are licensed by the State of New Jersey.

The Inspections Division conducts inspections of Retail Food Establishments under NJAC 8:24; Recreational Bathing Facilities under NJAC 8:26; Body Art Facilities under NJAC 8:27; Animal Facilities, Kennels, Pet Shops, Shelters under NJAC 8:23A; and Tanning Facilities under NJAC 8:28.

For more information, required health inspection forms, and links to the NJ Sanitary Code click here to visit the Office of Health Services Inspections Division webpage.

Health Inspection Types

Food Inspections

All food establishment inspections are conducted by Registered Environmental Health Specialists. The inspections are conducted to assure that all food establishments comply with the provisions of Chapter 24 of the New Jersey State Sanitary Code. Upon completion of inspections, ratings are issued based on the conditions found.

In New Jersey, the following rating system is used:


A white placard is issued when the establishment is found to be operating in substantial compliance with Chapter 24.

Conditionally Satisfactory

A yellow placard is issued when the establishment is found not operating in substantial compliance with Chapter 24. This rating requires a re-inspection.


A red placard is issued to an establishment found to be operating under conditions that constitute a potential health hazard. Under these conditions, an establishment could not continue to operate and correct the violations at the same time. The establishment is asked to voluntarily close before a court order is sought.

Body Art

The Middlesex County Health Department inspects all Tattoo, Body Piercing and Permanent Cosmetic facilities in our jurisdiction twice yearly. Inspectors insure that proper sanitation, record keeping and medical supervision is occurring. All Body Art facilities must have an inspection form posted in a conspicuous place for the public to observe.

Reinspection Fees

Per North Brunswick Ordinance 416-427: Any Retail Food Establishment or Recreational Bathing Facility that receives a rating of Conditionally Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory shall be assessed a reinspection fee of $50. Fees must be paid within 10 Days in the form of a check or money order and made out to The Township of North Brunswick – Attn Health Dept Reinspection Fee.

If you have questions regarding reinspection fees please call the Health Office at 732-247-0922 x254 or DPRCS Health Liaison at x264 for payment information.