Senior Transportation Information


You must BE PRE-REGISTERED and receive a TRANSPORTATION ID CARD in order to use the North Brunswick Township Transportation Services.

Contact the Senior Center office, located at 15 Linwood Place, AT LEAST 2 days in advance to set up an appointment, (732) 418-2222., Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Our goal is to provide each of you with the best transportation service possible. The program is for all North Brunswick Township Seniors age 62 and over. Qualified residents do not drive and do not have an ACTIVE  drivers license. This is not to be used if you are without car due to personal reasons. It also cannot be used for transportation to work. 

You will need a cell phone for this program.

The transportation service is provided by Roundtrip using LYFT vehicles. The cost of this program is subsidized by the Township.

You will need to prepay for your rides ($25 minimum). When your balance gets low, you will be notified to replenish your account funds. Forms are available at the Senior Center, 15 Linwood Place. You can mail in your payment or pay at the Senior Center. Checks payable to: Township of North Brunswick.

Each qualified North Brunswick Township senior age 62 and over will complete a passenger data sheet. Returning participants do not need to reapply for the program. You will be provided with a photo ID that must be used at all time while using the North Brunswick Transportation Program.

  1. Rides will be $2 EACH WAY within North Brunswick using North Brunswick Transportation with the exception of trips to the North Brunswick Senior Center. Trips to the Senior Center will be $1 each way.
  2. Rides originating in North Brunswick are permitted for MEDICAL TRIPS ONLY. Going outside the Township limits in any direction (up to 10 miles in total travel per one way trip) will be $3 EACH WAY.
  3. Please call at least 2 days in advance to schedule your appointment at the Senior Center (732) 418-2222. Rides are limited to a maximum of 3 trips per week.
  4. Weekend and after hours appointments (between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.) can be made in advance through the Senior Center office. If pick ups are after hours or the Senior Center is closed or unavailable call (877) 396-8080, which is the after hours call line.
  5. For wheelchair transportation call Middlesex County Area Transit: 800-221-3520 (MCAT).

The Senior Center can be reached at (732) 418-2222 with any questions.