Virtual Municipal Court Registration

North Brunswick Municipal Court is holding virtual court sessions using Zoom video conferencing. If you are scheduled for virtual court then you will not appear in person at the Municipal Building.

If you have been charged with a violation and you would like to enter a Not Guilty plea or if there is a non-payable violation which requires a court appearance, please fill out the Virtual Hearing Registration Form below.

The matter will be scheduled for virtual court and you will be notified via e-mail with the date and link to connect for the court session.

For more information on Zoom, please visit

Virtual Hearing Registration Form

  • Fields: All fields denoted with an asterisk (*) are required for submission. All are fillable fields with the exception of Interpreter, which is yes or no.
  • Note – If you do not have your case/complaint number, please contact the court at 732-247-0922 or check through NJ Municipal Court Case Search.
  • For Attorney Use Only

    If you are an attorney completing this on behalf of a client, please complete the fields below and advise your client that they do not need to also complete this form as you have done this for them.
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