Crime Tip & Traffic Safety Issue Reporting Form

Instructions Section

If you need to report a crime in progress or an urgent safety matter, please do not use this form. Dial 911. The instructions below outline the sort of non-emergency situations that are appropriate for this form.

Crime Tips

Crime tips are information about a crime after it has taken place. Also please remember that attempting is doing. Examples of crimes where a tip might be provided:

  • drug dealing or other illegal distribution of controlled or illegal substances
  • human trafficking
  • burglary and vandalism (not in process)
  • other illegal activities

Examples Of Useful Information In A Crime Tip

How to Report Drug Activity to the Police

  • Name of Person Dealing Drugs- Example: John Doe or nickname Malik
  • Description of Person- Example: white male, 6′ tall, thin build, mustache
  • Description of Clothing- Example: Gray waist length jacket, blue jeans, sneakers
  • Location of Drug Sales- Example: Corner of 123 Main St, near the blue house
  • Time of Day Activity Occurs- Example: Starts at 7pm and ends at 11pm
  • What Type of Drug is Being Sold- Example: Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin
  • Who is Purchasing the Drugs- Example: Adults, Juveniles
  • Vehicles Used in Drug Sales & Purchases- Example: Green Ford, Plate number
  • How Does Drug Dealer Operate- Example: People drive up and blow the horn, then dealer goes to car and exchanges drugs for money or; People knock on door and enter house for a short stay then leave.

It is important to be as specific as possible when giving information. Please confine information to facts. Do not assume that someone is in possession of drugs when you call just because you saw them in the past. If we do not find drugs on a person, they will know that they are under investigation and take measures to make future arrests more difficult. If you are making an assumption, please state that when you call.

The North Brunswick Narcotics/Anti-Crime Unit will make every effort to investigate each and every complaint and/or information that we receive. All information will be kept strictly confidential and will be followed up.

Please fill out the form call the Detective Bureau at (732) 247-0922 ext 341.

Traffic Safety Issues

To report appropriate non-emergency, traffic safety issues, please fill out this form or call the Traffic Safety Bureau at (732) 247-0922, ext. 412.

Appropriate For Form

This form is for traffic safety issues that are not urgent. Traffic safety issues are information about a traffic violation after it has taken place. Examples of non-urgent traffic safety issues appropriate for this form:

  • speeding in a neighborhood
  • not stopping at crosswalks
  • other car based violations

When To Call 911

Traffic safety issues where dispatch should be called instead include more urgent matters such as:

  • traffic signal out
  • accident
  • fallen tree, debris in the road or other physical hazards
  • road flooding or other weather-based, road hazards

Form Section

  • Leave email field blank if you would prefer to be anonymous.
  • Leave phone number blank if you would prefer to be anonymous.
  • Describe traffic safety issue or crime tip that you are reporting. Please provide details such as: date(s), (time(s), identifying information and a listing of any evidence you could provide if asked. If you have evidence such as images or footage, please do not upload here. Please wait until a detective contacts you to provide this.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Form Section