Plan Reviews & Change of Ownership

All new construction or renovation of retail food establishments must have a plan review conducted by the local registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS or Inspector). While additional drawings can be provided to this office, in coordination with the construction department, all plans should be submitted to them in the construction office to which they will acknowledge receipt of the plans. Per NJAC 8:24, the Health Department has 30 days to review these plans with an approval or denial.

Any commercial kitchen or retail food establishment renovations should be reported to the Health Department and may require that establishments be brought up to code if required. There will no longer be “grandfathering” of establishments based on the Chapter 24: Sanitation in Retail Food Establishment.

Reminder: Any plans or renovations must have the required permits from the Township of North Brunswick.

Also, any retail food establishments wishing to open must obtain a pre-operational inspection before doing so. They must then obtain the corresponding final construction and fire inspections.

All Health Department related questions for plans, construction and renovations can be directed to the Health Inspector at (732) 247-0922, ext. 254.