Student Scholar/Athlete/Artist Award Nomination Form

Instructions Section

The Student Scholar/Athlete/Artist Award

Presented monthly to students in grades 6th through 12th, the Scholar/ Athlete/ Artist Award for students who attend either public, private or homeschooled settings. Students who proudly show their dedication to Academics, Athletics, Arts and commitment to making our community a better place. The students are recognized for their academic success, community service and achievements in athletics and the arts.

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The student must be grades 6th through 12th, as well as fall under the below criteria.


A student excelling in academics, community service projects, and the arts and athletics.


A student demonstrating strong leadership skills to their peers and dedication to their community.

Forms are due monthly and nominations are made by teachers, coaches, instructors of the arts and heads of organizations. (Including any Religious organizations)

All nominations will be reviewed by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services. A monthly recipient of the Student Scholar/Athlete/ Artist Award will then be recognized by the Township of North Brunswick.

Thank you for helping in recognizing our amazing students, their achievements and everything they do for our community.

Form Section

Section I – Student Nominee Information

Student's Name(Required)

Section II – Academic Achievements

Include all Academic Achievements granted to the student nominee (records of ALL achievements will be required).

Section III – Community Service Projects

Include names of organizations as well as the nominee’s role in the organization. Then please include a summary of the impact the nominee has personally made through this organization and their dedication to the community.

Section IV – Nominee Leadership

Share how has this nominee has shown leadership skills to their peers in and outside of school in the community.

Section V – Athletics and Arts Achievements

Include all Athletic and/or Art awards given to the student nominee (also include the sport(s) he/she plays)

Section VI – Hobbies about Student Nominee

Include any hobbies of the student nominee you would like shared.

Section VII – Summary

Share why this student nominee should be chosen for this award.

Section VIII – Nominator Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Form Section