Update on Water / Sewer Billing

12/8/2020 Bill Cycle: Beginning in July 2020, the Township began to migrate billing from Quarterly to Monthly with the expectation to be fully monthly by January 2021. When billed quarterly, a customer’s bill date was based on one of the four “cycles” they were in. The last bill issued 10/19/2020 (Period 8) was for consumption […]

Crafts with Parx – Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This month’s Crafts with Parx bag will be filled with two crafts that are geared toward the winter season. Craft bags can be delivered to your porch by the Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Services staff or can be picked up at the Municipal Building, 710 Hermann Road, where a staff member may meet […]

North Brunswick Accepting Housing Rehabilitation Applications

Moderate and low-income households in need of home repairs may qualify for part of nearly $50K in local grants under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program managed by the township. Funding is provided as a five (5) year deferred loan. This means that 20% of the loan amount is forgiven each year, so that […]