Food Merchant License

Office of Health Services

Temporary Retail Food Establishment General Guidelines

All retail food establishments and temporary vendors must be approved and licensed through the Municipal Clerk’s office. You can find links to the applications above. All establishments and temporary vendors must submit proof of food safety certification. Per North Brunswick Code: any establishments only required to have food handling certification must recertify every 2 years.

If you have questions regarding licensing or fees please call 732-247-0922 x470 or click here to visit the Municipal Clerks page.

  1. The temporary Food/Beverage License issued prior to the event along with the “Satisfactory” rating placard issued by the Health Division Inspector at time of inspection must be posted in a conspicuous place at all times during the
  2. A means of hand washing consisting of soap, water, and paper towels must be available for all food service personnel. This is required for everyone preparing or handling food.
  3. Use of gloves by food handlers is required when handling ready to eat foods. Gloves are to be changed and hands properly washed after glove changing to prevent cross contamination of foods or food contact surfaces/equipment.
  4. The use, sale, or serving of home prepared foods at the event is prohibited pursuant to state law. All preparation of foods must occur at the event or in an establishment which is presently licensed and approved by the Health
  5. All potentially hazardous food (foods containing meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, or heat treated vegetables) must be maintained at a temperature of 41° F or below/ 135° F or above. Maintenance of these temperatures is necessary for food safety. A thermometer must be provided for temperature monitoring.
  6. Potentially hazardous food must be kept at a temperature of 41° F or below/ 135° For above, in covered containers, or completely wrapped during transportation to the event.
  7. Potentially hazardous foods that have been cooked and then, refrigerated, or frozen must be reheated rapidly to 165°F or higher prior to being placed in a steam table or burner. Steam tables, heat lamps, or hot holding burners may not be used to reheat foods.
  8. A sanitizer solution of 50ppm chlorine or 200ppm quaternary ammonia with wiping clothes is required to sanitize food surfaces. A test kit is required.
  9. All foods (including bottled or canned items) must be elevated off of the ground a minimum of (6”) six inches.
  10. If portable toilets are supplied, such toilets must be kept clean, maintained so that flies do not have access to excremental matter, and maintained to prevent overflow of wastes on the surface of the ground.
  11. Each stand where food is sold must be clean and free of unsanitary conditions at all times. Ample waste receptacles must be available for proper disposal of garbage at all times.