Water Services

The Township of North Brunswick partners with American Water Contract Services to provide water services to the community.

The source of the water supply that is treated by North Brunswick Township is the Delaware and Raritan Canal located in Franklin Township. The water in this canal comes primarily from the Delaware River.

The North Brunswick Township Treatment Plant is a 10 MGD treatment facility originally built in 1963. New filters, control system and solids handling improvements were completed in late 2009. The water plant provides water to more than 11,000 customers – approximately 41,000 people. Our current improvement is replacing all meters with upgraded technology. Phase III plant upgrades began in 2019.


Peter Peterson

TEL: (732) 297-3739 ext 12

Jason Hogg

TEL: (732) 297-3739 ext 13

Anthony Cappa

TEL: (732) 297-3739 ext 11