Water Loss Adjustment To Bill

Sometimes broken or damaged plumbing fixtures, irrigation equipment or pipes can cause unintentional water loss. If that happens, a customer may be eligible for a one-time, courtesy monthly bill adjustment for water loss or unusual water consumption. If an adjustment is approved, lost water above normal consumption will be calculated and credited to the account. Customers may also be eligible to receive a one-time sewer adjustment based on processed water above normal usage. 

Qualification Rules

  • Water loss/unusual water consumption adjustments will be issued in the form of a credit to the account, not a refund.
  • The credit will appear on the bill following approval.
  • The continuous or abnormal flow on the account must have stopped.
  • Customers must submit a Water Loss Adjustment Application.
  • The water loss or unusual water consumption must have been recorded on a new Neptune meter.
  • Water loss adjustments are not made due to an account being in arrears.
  • Adjustments must meet the following criteria 1/5/150/500 Rule:
    • 1 Year: The customer must be the owner of the property, have the account in their name and have been residing in the home as their primary residence for a minimum of one year.
    • 5 Years: Customers are eligible for a water loss/unusual water consumption adjustment once every five years.
    • 150%: The monthly bill must be at least 150% of the normal billing for that time-period from the previous year, after considering the annual consumption rate differential.
      Consumption for 30-day period in September of 2019 = $75.00
      Bill for 30-day consumption period in September of 2020 = $150.00
      $150.00 2020 Bill – $76.50 (at 2020 Rate) = $73.50 Credit
    • 500: Administrative adjustments are capped at $500. Requests for adjustments over $500 must be presented to the Mayor and Council for governing body consideration and approval.

Disqualification Rules

  • High water use caused by seasonal activities such as watering of sod, gardening, filling swimming pools or whirlpools, washing vehicles, etc.
  • When water loss/unusual water consumption continues for three (3) or more months, there will be no adjustment past the third or subsequent billing periods.