Explaining Your Water/Sewer Bill

The Township wants you to understand, and feel clear, about your water bill. If you are having trouble understanding your bill, this page may help. If you have further questions about your bill, you can always contact the Township.

Regular Rates & Charges

Residential water and sewer rates for residential accounts are listed below for July 2022 to June 2023.

How To Read Your Bill

water bill summary

The amount billed is based on the meter information located on your monthly Statement. You are billed for the usage amount, which equals the gallons of water between the previous read and the current read. You are billed both a water and sewage fee for each gallon of water used, as well as a flat fee for the size of your meter.

Billing Rate Tiers

Water (P/Gal)

1 – 3,000 Gal: $0.004341
3,001 – 9,000 Gal: $0.007812
9,001+ Gal: $0.008680

Sewage (P/Gal)

1 – 3,000 Gal: $0.006657
3,001 – 9,000 Gal: $0.008273
9,001+ Gal: $0.009509

Connection Fee (Meter Size)

Facility Service Fee Up to 1”: $3/Month
Facility Service Fee 1”: $4/Month

Unusual Monthly Bill Amounts

Sometimes your water bill amount or reported water usage may look a lot higher or lower than your usual bill or your known usage. There are a lot of reasons why this can happen. Here are common situations and their recommended next steps.

My bill was extremely low

If a transmitter does not upload data into the system, or a touch pad does not transmit with an old meter, consumption is not recorded on the account. This will result in the customer receiving a monthly bill with only the flat service line fee.

A potential issue with the transmitter is independent of the meter equipment itself. It’s important to notify the Township immediately to avoid receiving a future high bill which will include a catch-up of the consumption not previously recorded on the meter.

You may also contact InLine directly to request an appointment for a new meter or to have your transmitter relocated at 1-800-557-3088 or email http://ilsmeter.com/ Sharon Nerger snerger@ilsmeter.com

My bill was slightly lower or higher than usual

After July 1, 2020, the goal will be to capture consumption monthly, with the “read date” versus the “bill date” expected to be shortened. Based on when in the billing process the system captures a meter’s consumption, the billing dates may not necessarily correlate to a 30-day cycle.

When reviewing your bill, the read dates may be less or more than the previous month. This may vary from 25 days to 35 days, which would cause a bill to be slightly higher or lower from one month to the next.

Seasonal usage also may impact a customer’s utility bill. Be sure to take your seasonal usage into account when determining if your bill is unusual.

My bill was extremely high

Receiving a high utility bill can be unsettling. Maintenance and repair of water lines on private property is the responsibility of the private landowner, as is any water lost due to leaks or breakage. However, when this happens, at the customer’s request, a Township representative can come to the home to assist with identifying the problem if the customer has a new Neptune meter. If the customer needs a new meter the Township can assist with expediting a meter change, before sending a Township representative to the home.

It’s also important to notify the Township as the customer may be eligible to receive a credit on the high bill due to leakage if the customer had no recent history of unusual consumption or knowledge of the leak and agrees to fix it promptly.

My bill was estimated

The Township is authorized to issue estimated bills “E” when reliable reading information is not available. Receiving an estimated bill is not justification for avoiding payment as estimated charges valid bills if they are based upon good historical consumption information. Please do not let consecutive estimates continue longer than three sequential bills without contacting the Township to resolve the matter.

I have a new meter and I think it’s not transmitting

If you feel that your meter is recording incorrectly, you may request to have a “meter accuracy test” be performed on your meter. If the meter test results come back with no errors,  a service fee of between $400 – $500 may be assessed against the account.