Start Or Stop Water Service

As a policy, the Township does not turn off water to a home when property ownership changes, new residents move in or out or payment on an account is delinquent. Starting or stopping water service is actually the transferring of water billing from one account holder to another.

Final Meter Readings

In order to transfer an account, you need a final water meter reading. Final readings are scheduled through the Utility office. You must have a new Neptune meter to receive a final reading. If you have an old manual meter please call or email the Township Water Services and the installation of a new meter will be expedited. More about the new meters.

Special Meter Reading Charge

The Township will assess a $25.00 charge whenever an existing customer, the property owner or the property owner’s agent requests a special meter reading on a date other than the regularly scheduled meter reading. You must have a new AMI Neptune meter to receive a special reading. This charge may not be assessed to a new customer’s account.

How To Transfer A Water Account

The following are various different situations where this may occur and the documentation required in order to get a final reading under your billing account, settle your water account and transfer it to a new responsible party.

Property Sales

If you are selling a property then the new owner must contact the Utility office and supply the following:

  • Closing Disclosure Document, or Settlement Statement that lists the new owner’s name and information.
  • In lieu of Settlement Statement, the full first page of a deed may be emailed, dropped off at the Municipal Drop Box or faxed to (732) 662-6624. A photo image is not acceptable.

Landlords & Tenants

Landlord and tenant issues can feel very complicated when it comes to utilities. Know your rights and responsibilities.

Landlord Responsibilities

As a public utility, the owner of any such real property shall be liable for and shall pay such water service charges to the Township at the time when and place where such water service charges are due and payable (N.J.S.A. 40:14B-21 et seq.).

Tenant Rights

If your lease states that you are responsible for paying the Municipal Services bill that includes water and sewer charges, you should request that the property owner add your name to the Utility’s online software to view the billing and account history.

Attached please find a link to the 2020 Tenant’s Rights in New Jersey:

Landlord / Tenant Disputes

Unfortunately, the Township as a municipal agency is unable to resolve landlord/tenant disputes with regards to an unpaid account, or a high-water bill. Matters such as these must be settled between the parties through a legal process within the court system. Please note, as a policy, the Township does not turn off water to a home because of an outstanding balance or from failure to pay. As such, the Township will not respond to requests made by a landlord to shut off a tenant’s water.